Updated on Thursday 16th November 2017

Start an E-commerce Company in the Philippines

 image January 17, 2018

There are several rules which must be respected by e-commerce companies operating on the Philippines market and which must be known by the investors who want to open this type of business.

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Holding Companies in the Philippines

 image January 11, 2018

The Philippines which allows for the establishment of holding companies, however it does not have a specific framework related to their taxation.The company formation steps of a holding in the Philippines will follow the Commercial Code’s regulations.

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Business Name Reservation in the Philippines

 image January 8, 2018

There are a few guidelines for choosing and reserving a trade name for a company in the Philippines. First of all, the person reserving the company name must be at least 18 years old; then, the name must be unique.

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Changing Company Types in the Philippines

 image December 20, 2017

Investors set up small businesses which they later expand. In order to do that they must change company types in Philippines. The most important aspect of changing company types in the Philippines is that there is no direct way of doing that.

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Imports and Exports in the Philippines

 image December 12, 2017

Trading is one of the Philippines’ most important economic sectors and the country is currently the 41st largest states in the world in terms of exports. Investors who want to open a company in the import/export sector here will have significant markets for their products.

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Taxation in the Philippines

 image December 7, 2017

The Philippines taxation system is made up of direct and indirect taxes. However, the Philippines offers various incentives for foreign investors, among them being tax exemptions and deductions.

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The Share Capital in the Philippines

 image December 1, 2017

The Filipino Company Act contain specific provisions related to the amount of money which must be deposited by the shareholders in a bank account upon the registration of a company. There are also other laws which provide for the share capital requirements in certain cases.

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Register a Trademark in the Philippines

 image November 27, 2017

Both individuals and companies in the Philippines can register trademarks with the Intellectual Property Office. However, trademarks are usually registered by Filipino companies seeking to protect their names.

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Workforce in the Philippines

 image November 23, 2017

The most recent reports issued by the National Statistics Office in the Philippines indicate that the country has one of the highest employment rates, as well as one of the youngest labor forces in the Southeast Asia region.

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Most Attractive Investment Industries in the Philippines

 image November 20, 2017

It is a well-known fact that a performant economy attracts foreign investments, and from this point of view, the Philippines has consolidated its economy with the help of several industries which are quite prolific, and which attract overseas investors.

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Double Tax Treaties in the Philippines

 image November 15, 2017

The Philippines has signed various treaties through which the taxation of certain incomes twice is avoided. These incomes must be obtained by non-residents carrying out activities in the Philippines, branch offices of foreign companies included.

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Open a Bank Account in the Philippines

 image November 12, 2017

There are several types of bank accounts which can be opened in the Philippines. Apart from the personal and the corporate bank accounts, there is also the merchant account which can be opened by companies registered in the Philippines.

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Corporate Tax in the Philippines

 image November 9, 2017

One of the most important taxes imposed in the Philippines is the corporate tax which is levied on companies. Our Philippines company registration consultants can offer information on how companies are taxed in this country.

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Open a Subsidiary in the Philippines

 image November 6, 2017

The steps for opening a subsidiary in the Philippines are the same as for any other type of company and will imply filing certain documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission and obtaining the necessary licenses to be allowed to operate.

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Buy Shelf Company in the Philippines

 image November 4, 2017

The shelf company is a company which was already registered, however it has no previous economic activity and can be purchased by those who want to start doing business in the Philippines right away.

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Why Invest in the Philippines?

 image November 1, 2017

The small insular state’s economy is going through a serious restructuration which establishes a higher degree of confidence coming from foreign investors.

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Company Liquidation in the Philippines

 image October 30, 2017

The main laws governing over company liquidation in Philippines are the Commercial Law and the Financial Rehabilitation and Insolvency Act, shortly known as FRIA.

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The Business Registry in the Philippines

 image October 25, 2017

The company registration procedure is not the only action which can be completed through the Philippines Companies Register. Foreign investors seeking information about a Filipino company can search the Business Registry as part of the company due diligence process.

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Open a Branch in the Philippines

 image October 17, 2017

The requirements to open a branch office in the Philippines depend on the activities of the parent company. The foreign company must appoint a local agent to complete the Philippines company formation process.

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Open a Limited Liability Company in the Philippines

 image October 13, 2017

The Philippines corporation is the closest structure to the limited liability company in other countries.It should be noted that a Philippines corporation can be fully foreign-owned or partially foreign-owned.

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Virtual Office in the Philippines

 image October 10, 2017

Setting up a virtual office in the Philippines is quite simple, however, in most cases it comes as a tailored service offered by specialized companies.

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Types of Companies in the Philippines

 image October 3, 2017

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the Philippines must comply with the regulations imposed by the Corporation Code, by the Civil Code and by the Foreign Laws Act.

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Company Formation Guide in the Philippines

 image September 29, 2017

Both foreign and local investors are allowed to open companies in the Philippines, however there are certain requirements a foreign citizen must comply with in order to create a business here.

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