Filipino Private Companies Welcomed to Join Public Infrastructure Projects

Updated on Tuesday 05th December 2017

During the last several years, the Filipino government has begun working on some large infrastructure projects which were executed by public companies in cooperation with state authorities. Now, the government has reconsidered and decided to remain open to proposals coming from private companies, however these will be subject to a few requirements before being accepted to join the projects.

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What are the conditions imposed to private companies seeking to join public projects in the Philippines?

The government will accept proposals from private companies in the Philippines with respect to the infrastructure projects the authorities have on their agenda, however these proposals must come under the form of public-private partnerships. Also, the company coming with the construction project must be able to start its implementation in 18 months, based on previous experiences.
The projects to be financed by the government are worth between 7 and 8 trillion PHP and will be developed under the Official Development Assistance Program, the state Budget and public-private partnerships.

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75 infrastructure projects will be developed in the Philippines in the next years

Another good news apart from allowing private companies to join in national infrastructure construction projects is the fact that there will be no limitation related to how much the parties must contribute with.

Out of the 75 projects, the government selected 70 which will be put in the ‘Build, Build, Build’ program which will imply the construction of bridges, railways, roads and even the first subway in the Philippines.

Private companies in the Philippines will also be welcomed if they want to join some of the government’s flagship projects, among them being the Mindanao Rail Project Phase 1, the billion Metro and Light Railways Common Station Project and Tagum Davao Digos Segment.

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