Obtaining Residence Permit in the Philippines

Updated on Tuesday 10th April 2018

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Obtaining Residence Permit in the Philippines Image
Foreign citizens who intend to work in this country must obtain a permanent resident permit in the Philippines in order to do so. As follows, our company formation consultants in the Philippines present a few key aspects related to obtaining this type of permit here.

Conditions for obtaining the permanent resident visa in the Philippines

Foreigners who are legally married with a local citizen can apply for the permanent resident visa, according to the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940 in this country
Such applicants must present the following documents to the appropriate authorities:
A notarized application letter written by the local spouse;
A filled in and notarized general application form;
A copy of the birth certificate of the local spouse, authenticated by the National Statistics Office or the Philippines Embassy abroad, if the applicant got married abroad;
An immigration clearance certificate;
A copy of the foreign citizen’s passport which displays the arrival date and the visa;
A certification of a savings bank account with at least USD 10,000, proving that the applicant can financially support his or her family;
Other documents: our company registration advisors in the Philippines can provide more information on what these other documents consist of. We can also help you open a company in the Philippines.

Other individuals who can qualify for the permanent resident visa in the Philippines

According to the Bureau of Immigration in the Philippines, citizens of foreign countries who have diplomatic relationships with the Philippines and offer the same privileges can qualify for the permanent resident visa in the Philippines, in a limited number. Our Philippines company formation agents can offer more details on this matter.
These citizens have to meet the following criteria:
Bring a filled in application form;
Provide a Consolidated General application form from the Public Information and Assistance Unit or from the website of the Bureau of Immigration;
Submit other documents and certain fees: we can provide all the necessary information on what these consist of.
In case you would like to know more about obtaining the residence permit in the Philippines, or for help related to starting a business in the Philippines, please contact us.