Set Up a Fast Food in the Philippines

Updated on Monday 21st May 2018

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Tourism is one of the most prolific industries of the Filipino economy and along it other sectors have grown in the last few years. Among these sectors are the restaurant and catering branches which attract numerous tourists. However, in order to keep up with western countries and visitors coming from these states, local investors have started to set up fast food businesses in the Philippines.

Foreign investors can also set up fast foods in the Philippines, provided the respect the Commercial Code and the requirements of the Philippines Food and Drug Administration ( PFDA).

Our company registration advisors in the Philippines will guide foreign enterprisers who want to register fast food companies here.

Requirements to register a fast food business in the Philippines

Fast foods can be set up a sole proprietorships or limited liability companies from a legal point of view. No matter the chosen business form, the company will then need to be registered with the following authorities:
  • with the Philippines Business Register where the commercial entity must obtain its certificate of incorporation;
  • with the barangay office in the city where the fast food company will operate;
  • with the municipal office where the company must obtain the business license issued by the mayor;
  • with the Bureau of Internal Revenue which will issue the tax identification number for company;
  • with the Social Security Services and the Health Department for employment purposes.
All these steps must be completed upon the company registration process of the Philippines fast food. Then, the necessary approvals from the Food and Drug Administration must be obtained.

PFDA requirements for fast food business in the Philippines

In order to company with the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration in the country, a Philippines fast food business must:
  1. submit its certificate of incorporation issued by the right authority, depending on the business form of the company;
  2. submit proof of the address where the fast food will operate (a lease contract, an occupancy contract or property title);
  3. a plan of the premises indicating the space of each operation within the fast food;
  4. a description of the products to be produced and sold on the premises;
  5. information about the importer (if the products to be prepared and sold are imported) – invoices and contracts with suppliers;
  6. submit the ISO 22000 Certification, the HACCP Certification and the Health Certification.
The fast food must also hire specialized personnel based on the certification requirements mentioned above.

For full information on the requisites for starting a fast food business, please contact our Philippines company formation consultants.