Set Up a Restaurant in the Philippines

Updated on Friday 01st June 2018

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Enterprisers who want to start doing business in the Philippines have plenty of successful industries to choose from. Among them, the food and beverages sector is one of the best choices as it enables investors to set up various types of business, such as restaurants, fast foods and catering companies.

Those who want to open restaurants in the Philippines must comply with several laws and must obtain specific licenses in order to be allowed to operate on the market. Below, our company formation consultants in the Philippines explain the requirements for setting up a restaurant business.

Company registration in the restaurant sector in the Philippines

The first step related to setting up a restaurant in the Philippines to have a solid business plan and register a company with the local Business Registrar. Our local consultants recommend investors to follow these important steps when starting a business in the restaurant sector:
  • prepare a 3-year business plan which will help them plan their expenses and predict their revenues;
  • choose the premises for the restaurant in a manner in which clients have easy access to it;
  • consider the channels through which the restaurant will be promoted in order to attract clients;
  • choose the right type of structure under which the restaurant will operate – our Philippines company formation agents can help with this step.

Obtain the necessary licenses for the Philippines restaurant

Once the company registration procedure is completed, the business owner must apply for several licenses which will allow them to open the restaurant among which:
  1. the food license establishment license which must be obtained with the Food and Drug Administration in the Philippines;
  2. the import/export license which must be obtained with the Customs Authorities;
  3. the liquor license which will enable the restaurant to sell alcoholic drinks on the premises;
  4. the fire safety certificate which is issued by the local police department.

Also, the restaurant must hire specialized personnel who is allowed to handle and prepare food.

Please contact us for full information on the requirements to setting up a restaurant in the Philippines.