The Business Registry in the Philippines

Updated on Wednesday 25th October 2017

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The company formation process in Philippines must be completed under the requirements of the Corporation Code, which provides for the documents to be prepared and the share capital to be deposited upon registration. The same law provides for the authority which must process these documents, and which will issue the certificate of incorporation of the Filipino company.
In most countries, this authority is the Trade Register. In the Philippines it is known as the Business Registry (PBR). However, in certain cases, the company registration process in Philippines must be completed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or with the Department of Trade and Industry.

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What is the role of the Philippines Business Registry?

We already mentioned that the registration procedure of a Filipino company can be completed with one of the institutions above. This is the main reason for the government to create the Companies Registrar: to gather all the procedures related to starting a business in Philippines under one umbrella.

The Philippines Trade Register is an online portal which during the next several years will:

-          act as national database with all the companies incorporated in Philippines;
-          issue the Philippines Business Number to each company to be registered;
-          enable a one-stop shop for transactions between the government and companies.

It should be noted that the PBR was recently enabled. If you want to open a company in Philippines, the incorporation process must be completed with the SEC at the moment.

What can one do through the Business Registry in Philippines?

The company registration procedure is not the only action which can be completed through the Philippines Companies Register. Foreign investors seeking information about a Filipino company can search the Business Registry as part of the company due diligence process. The Trade Register is the most reliable source for company verification in Philippines.

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